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How it Works

Make the Most of Your Vacation

Premiere Getaway wishes all its members to enjoy the benefits of their vacation ownership program - so here is a cheat sheet of sorts to ensure that you understand exactly how it works.

Simple – Isn’t it?!! We have taken out the complexities of different seasons, levels etc., that confused you
–just so that you can enjoy the experience of planning as much as you enjoy your actual vacation.

What Are Holiday Points?

Holiday Points represent the reservation ability of the member. Each night at each specific type of accommodation unit is allotted a specific Point Value. The Points in your Holiday Wallet can be used to reserve the resort accommodation units of your choice for the duration you desire.

E.g. You have 100 points in your Wallet. The Housing Unit at Resort K has a value of 20 points per night. You can reserve a maximum 5 nights of the Housing Unit at Resort K.

The Points Chart available at can help with the Points value for various accommodation unit types at the resorts available

How Can These Points Be Used?

We have allotted Points value based on the demand of a resort and/or accommodation unit at a given time. These are based on:
• The location of the resort selected
• The dates of the vacation
• The type of accommodations
The points in your Holiday Wallet can be used flexibly – book holidays, bank for the next year, borrow from the next year and even share it with other guests – anything that is required to create the holiday experience you desire.

Moreover, your Holiday Points can be used to enhance your vacation experience further by redeeming for airline tickets, car rentals, sight-seeing and cruises.

Running low on points for your perfect vacation?? Read on.. we have thought about that too!!

When Can Points Be Used?

Points can be used in a 12-month cycle (called the Use Year) which starts whenever the membership is initiated. Holiday Points are added to your wallet at the beginning of each Use Year and are to be used within the allocated Use Year Period to reserve and enjoy your vacation experience.

Points remaining at the end of the Use Year – Don’t worry, you do not lose them!!

Any points remaining at the end of a Use Year can be banked for the next Use Year to enjoy an even richer vacation Experience.

Do note, if Points are not consumed in Banked Use Year, they will expire at the end of the Banked Use Year.

What If More Points Are Needed To Enjoy More Vacations?

So you have planned that perfect vacation experience but find that you need more points than you have currently in you wallet?!! We have a provision for that too – you can either borrow points from the next year or purchase additional points using the payment gateway in the Members Only section

How Do You Reserve Your Holidays

You have the points, you have your vacation planned and now you need to reserve it – just like everything else e have a simple process for that too:
    • Decide your vacation destination
        o Tip:   if you are choosing a popular destination or vacation period (e.g. Goa during Christmas or New Years, Manali during Summers), reserve early to get the destination of your choice. It’s also good to have alternative destinations handy.
    • Check the Points Chart <> to know how many points are required to reserve your holiday experience – resort, accommodation unit, duration.
        o Tip:   The Points value depend on the period, resort and accommodation, among other factors
    • Ensure that you have enough Points available in your account to reserve your holiday.
        o Tip:   Remember, if you don’t have enough points – don’t despair!! You can either borrow (from the next year) or purchase additional points required
    • Reserve your vacation, plan your travel, pack your bags and experience your dream vacation
        o Tip:   You can make reservations up to 6 months in advance to 15 days before the date of check-in.
You can make the reservation online through the Members Only section of our website. You can also make reservations by sending an email to reservation@premieregetaway.com. Such requests are confirmed on a first-requested, first-confirmed basis.